Memorable Gifts for the Engaged Couple


Everyone wants to show his deep love and care to someone other.  One of the major sources to make you memorable for others is to give gifts. Sending gifts is not new, thousands of years ago people used to send gifts as a gesture of goodwill and to strengthen their relationship. Nowadays, gift giving has become a very vital and essential part of our lives. Attending parties is a joy in everyone's life, and gifts are often a very important part of that.


A gift that has been personalized with the name of the recipient and the date reflect back on the presenter in a very special way.  They tell the recipient that you took the time and trouble to make your gift to them unique and special.  It makes your gift memorable in their eyes!


For example,  suppose you are attending the marriage ceremony of your friend or colleague; you should plan your gift 1 week earlier.  If you live in a city, you could get them an engraved photo frame to hold their most cherished picture or a personalized pillar candle that they can light on their anniversary!.  The person or couple receiving a personalized gift is often under the impression that in addition to your having taken additional time and trouble to make your gifts unique, you have spent additional money for it.  In realized that is not necessarily so; engravers often buy the merchandise they engrave in bulk quantities and pass those savings over to their customers.


Here are some of the most common engraved gift items that are given at weddings:


Photo Frames  Photo frames are always an appropriate gift to give, and have the advantage that it can be given to the couple, rather than the bride or groom.  It is very likely that they will think of you every time they look at the photo inside!


Engraved Jewelry  As precious as your love for the recipient.  This gift is particularly useful for the bride to present to her bridesmaids before the ceremony to acknowledge her thanks to them for taking the time, trouble, and expensive to participate with her in her wedding.


Engraved Boxes

Weddings, by their very nature, generate mementos--things the bride and/or groom want to treasure and keep in memory of their very special day. 



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