How to Contact Us


The quickest way to get as response:


General Inquiries:


It is not unusual to get a response within 5 minutes, even at night--please read below!


To send photographs:


To inquire regarding the status of an order:


Details about your order will be in the confirmation email. 

Please include your name and what you ordered.


Questions about wedding stationery templates:


We'll be happy to discuss custom changes in or ideas about our print-your-own wedding stationery and wedding stationery packages.  While we can't promise to make alterations, there is a good chance we can.



We are available via phone at 302-894-3975 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.


The second-worst way to get us.  Here's why:


We have several near-by locations:

One is the main office

One is the warehouse

One is a small print facility


             The stationery, label and wrapper designers are free-lance and generally work at home anyway.


             The rest of us are on flex-time, and there are a few misguided employees (read "flakes") that actually work in the evening! 


Guess which kind the webmaster is!


If we're exceptionally busy, we let the machine take the calls and we return calls them when we're able.




(Just kidding, of course.  I'm counting on the fact that once this site is set up, the owner doesn't usually look at the "routine" pages very often.  Wonder how long it will be before she sees this and I get caught?  Oh, well, I'm her sister--you don't think she'll fire a relative that works for cheap, do you?)

The very worst way to contact us - snail mail:

P.O. Box 9642

Newark, DE  19711



Other than to send photos, snail mail is the worst idea.  Please be sure to include a return address and if at all possible any email address at all, even if it's a friend or relative's, so that we can at least let you know that we got your letter.


We are, however, very, very, prompt with photos!







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