The Bride and Groom's To Do List



If you are planning a wedding--there's a lot to do!  Organizing the necessary tasks and when they should be done go a long way to relieving natural stresses, and help to make your day a joyous and happy one for everyone. 


This To Do List has been divided into tasks for the bride and tasks for the groom. is providing information on wedding To Do Lists as a public service.  We specialize in the savvy bride, with print your own wedding stationery templates and blank wedding stationery, custom candy wrappers, wedding accessories, bridal shower gifts, books on weddings, downloadable wedding ebooks, wedding white umbrellas, wedding favors, wedding articles and information on obtaining your own birth certificate,  Please take a moment to take a look at some of our pages--you might find them useful, too!

The Bride's To Do List


Twelve Months Before the Ceremony


If you have not already done so, you and your fiancé must select a date.  You may want to consider the fact that weddings scheduled on days other than Saturday and months other than June are often more economical to hold.


Once the wedding date has been set, you and your fiancé need to make a decision about the type of wedding you will want to have.


You will now need to determine the approximate number of guests.  Please keep in mind that the number of guests often increases over time.  Not all guests invited will be able to attend, however.


You will need to select your wedding attendants


Start to look for your wedding gown.


Plan the color scheme for your wedding; generally this will include white and one or two other colors.


You should select and reserve the church and reception site.  Be sure to ask about any restrictions or guidelines for decorations.


You must select and reserve the date with the wedding professionals you have selected:  florist, photographer, musicians/disk jockey, videographer.


Nine Months Before the Ceremony


It is essential that you meet with the clergyman, rabbi or other person who is going to perform the ceremony.  It may be necessary to attend classes that are not always available; in addition, you may have to present official documents that may be time consuming to obtain.


Since you have been shopping for your wedding gown for three months now, it is time to select and order the dress or gown, along with the accessories you plan to wear with it such as veil, shoes and jewelry.


It is also time to select and order the bridesmaids, maid/matron of honor and flower girl dresses.


Since you have decided on the total number of guests, it is time to begin the guest list.  Both families will add to the list.


Select and register with the gift registries at one or two stores.  If many of your guests are from out of town, it would be helpful if at least one of the stores were a national chain.


Begin discussing possible honeymoon destinations with a travel agent.


You may consider sending "Save the Date" cards, or better yet, Save the Date Magnets to your intended guests, especially those who will have to travel to your wedding.  It will allow them to request any necessary vacation time, and to shop for travel tickets in advance.  Such cards and magnets may be sent between eight and three months before the wedding, in advance of the invitations.


Six Months Before the Ceremony


You now need to order your wedding invitations, thank you cards, ceremony programs, and, if you have not already done so, Save the Date or Keep the Date Open cards and/or refrigerator magnets.


Meet with your wedding professionals to confirm the date and time, as well as to review the details of the ceremony and reception.


It is time to make reservations for your honeymoon.


You should select and order your wedding rings.


Three Months Before the Ceremony


The guest list must be completed, although there may be amendments as time goes on.  It is not too late to send "keep the date open" cards.


Check the requirements in your state for issuing marriage certificates.


You need to make transportation arrangements for the wedding day, for the bride and her father as well as the bride's attendants including flower girl, as well as the groom's attendants.  That may include transportation to the reception for the wedding party, as well as transportation to their homes after the reception.


You need to verify your wedding date with the the bridal shop for all gowns and accessories, and arrange to have first fittings for both you and your attendants.


You and your fiancé should arrange to obtain your birth certificates.  It is highly likely that these will be needed for the marriage license.


The wedding cake should be ordered.


Since the bride and bridal attendants dresses have been selected, it is time for the mothers of the bride and groom to select their dresses.


The groom should select the attire to be worn by himself, the groomsmen and the respective fathers.


Purchase a guest book, the unity candles, the toasting glasses, garters, cake tops, etc.


It is not too soon to make an appointment at a beauty salon for yourself, the mothers of the bride and groom, and your attendants.  Saturday morning appointments can be difficult to obtain.


Six to Eight Weeks Before the Ceremony


It is now time to address and mail your invitations; since you generally have more than one guest list, you should merge all lists into one master list--then copy it several times!


You need to pick up the wedding rings from the jeweler; if there is a problem with sizing, there is time to have it corrected before the ceremony.


You need to select gifts for your attendants and the groom. 


You should submit wedding announcements to one or more local newspapers.


If you have not already done so, you need to make appointments at a beauty salon for your attendants and possibly the mothers of the bride and groom for your wedding day. If you have already made your appointments, be sure to confirm them with your salon.


You should write thank-you notes for your shower gifts no later than one week after the shower.  If you have not done so already, they must be done now.


Check on the reservation and wedding transportation requirements for out-of-town guests and members of the wedding party.  If there is a sufficient number, you may consider reserving a block of rooms at a local hotel--but physically inspect more than one of the rooms first, even if it is a national chain.  You also need to consider how guests without vehicles will travel from the church to the reception.


Make the final decision on floral arrangements for the wedding and reception, the bouquets you and your bridal party will carry, corsages for close relatives of the bride and groom, and a single flower for the groom, groomsmen and ring bearer.


Two to Three weeks Before the Ceremony


It is time for your final fitting.  It is essential that you bring your shoes as well as any other accessories you're planning to wear with the gown, including veil and headpiece.


Both you and your fiancé must go together to obtain your marriage license, since these are generally only valid for one month in most states.  Bring the results of your blood test with you, if that is a requirement in your state.


Make sure your wedding day transportation arrangements are firm and in place.  These include not only your own transportation to the ceremony site, to the reception and post reception, but those of your bridesmaids to the church, reception and post reception as well as the transportation of parents and those guests who will not have vehicles.


Have a final meeting about your rehearsal dinner.


Make sure the photographer, videographer and musicians or disk jockey have their request lists.


Visit the hair stylist you have selected to discuss the hairstyle you will wear on your wedding day.  It would be helpful to bring your veil and headpiece.


You must work out and make final decisions on the seating at your reception, and write out the place cards.


Double check all arrangements once again. 


Purchase or create the reception party favors.


One Week Before the Ceremony


You need to inform the caterer of the final count on the number of dinner guests.


Make sure that your bridesmaids, maid/matron of honor, and flower girl (if attending) are aware of the place and time of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.


Begin packing for your honeymoon. 


Buy Traveler's checks for use on your honeymoon.


If any of your attendants have any special responsibilities, they will need to be informed in advance.


The Day Before the Ceremony


You must finish packing for your honeymoon.  If you are planning to leave the continental United States, make sure you have your birth certificate.  Never count on extra time on the day of the ceremony!


Insure that all the transportation arrangements for your wedding party are in place; lay out in order the things that you will need on the day of the ceremony.


Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, go home early, and go to bed.


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The Groom's To Do List



Twelve Months Before the Ceremony


If you have not already done so, the bride's engagement ring should be purchased and presented.


You and your fiancé, along with both sets of parents, should discuss and decide on the type of ceremony and reception you will have.


You need to choose your best man, groomsmen, and ring bearer.


Along with your fiancé, shop for and select the ceremony and reception locations.


Nine Months Before the Ceremony


Along with your fiancé, you should visit the official who will preside over the ceremony.  There may be classes to attend that may only occasionally be available.


Start your guest list.


Along with your fiancé, visit a travel agent to discuss honeymoon destinations.


Help select registry gifts.


Six Months Before the Ceremony


Make the reservations for your honeymoon.


Three Months Before the Ceremony


You should give your fiancé your completed guest list.


You need to check what testing requirements are necessary in your state for obtaining a marriage license.


Transportation arrangements for the wedding day should be arranged.  Traditionally, the best man is responsible for the groom's transportation to the church; you need to decide whether or not the groomsmen will meet and dress separately, or will gather at a central location to dress.


The wedding attire for yourself, the groomsmen, fathers of the bride and (optionally) the groom, best man, and ring bearer should be selected.


Make sure the male members of the wedding party arrange fittings.


Obtain your birth certificate.


Six to Eight Weeks Before the Ceremony


Gifts for your attendants and the bride should be selected and purchased.

The wedding rings should be picked up at the jeweler.


If guests or your attendants will be arriving from out-of-town, reservations should be made for their lodging.


Assist the bride in the selection of floral arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnières for the male members of the wedding party.


Final decisions must be made regarding the rehearsal dinner.


Two to Three weeks Before the Ceremony


You and your fiancé must obtain your marriage license.  Don't forget your birth certificate and the results of any necessary blood testing.


Finalize any arrangements for transportation--to the church, to the reception--after the reception.


The reservations for your honeymoon should be confirmed.


Make sure your attendants are informed regarding the date and time of the rehearsal.


Send out the invitations for the rehearsal dinner.


Assist your fiancé with the reception seating arrangements.


One Week Before the Ceremony


Again confirm the date, place and time of the rehearsal dinner with your attendants.


Prepare any necessary payments for the presiding official, musicians/disk jockey, organist, singer, etc.; the best man traditionally dispenses these after the ceremony.


It is time to begin packing for your honeymoon.  If you are leaving the continental United States, don't forget your birth certificate!


You should buy traveler's checks for use on the honeymoon.


If any of your attendants will have special responsibilities, they should be informed.


Go over the seating arrangements at the ceremony with your groomsmen.


The Day Before the Ceremony


You must finish packing for your honeymoon.  If you are planning to leave the continental United States, make sure you have your birth certificate.  Never count on extra time on the day of the ceremony!


Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, go home early, and go to bed--you have a big day tomorrow!




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