Personalized Wedding Wine Bottle Labels



  We have a wide variety of personalized wedding wine and champagne labels to please any taste!
  Our custom wine and champagne labels are printed on water-resistant, high-gloss, photographic paper with adhesive backing.
  We can add a photograph to your label for a flat fee of only $10.00 per order!
  There is a very low minimum order.


Full-Size Wine & Champagne Label Specifications and Prices and Mini Wine Labels


This page features personalized wine and champagne bottle labels for full-size wine bottles.  If you are interested in our miniature wine and champagne bottle labels, please click here







     Wedding Wine Label with Photo     Dolphin Wine Label with Photo     Wedding Wine Label with Photo     Wedding Wine Label with Photo   


Only $10.00 per photo - not per label - select the style below

and check the Add Photo box on the order form!



  General Theme Wine Labels
    Flowers, bells, swans, ribbons, etc.

Religious Wine Labels
    Christian, Jewish, angels
  Theme Wine Labels
   Western, beach, dolphins, etc.


Seasonal Wine Labels
   Valentine's Day, Christmas, Autumn, etc.

Bridal Shower Wine Labels


Other Wedding Wrappers and Labels


Miniature Wine Labels



Please also see our sister website,, for

wine labels for other events and occasions!


Frequently Asked Questions About Personalized Wine Labels


About reorders




Bridal Shower Wine & Champagne Labels

Many of our wedding designs are also suitable for showers

Please click on image to see larger size


Bridal Shower Umbrella Wine Label

White Umbrella


Bridal Shower Wine Bottle Label - White Umbrella 2

White Umbrella 2


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Cherry Umbrella

Cherry Umbrella


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Lavender Umbrella

Bridal Shower -


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Pink Rosebuds

Pink Rosebuds





Bridal Shower Wine Label - Autumn Shower

Autumn Shower


Bridal Shower Wine label - Lilac Shower

Lilac Shower


Watering Can Bridal Shower Wine Label

Watering Can


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Blonde Bride

Blonde Bride


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Brunette Bride

Brunette Bride





Bridal Shower Wine Label - Bridesmaid's Shower

Bridesmaid's Shower


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Bride's Umbrella

Bride's Umbrella


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom


Bridal Shower- Lace Custom Wine Bottle Label

Lace Border


Bridal Shower Wine Label - White Rose Trellis

White Rose Trellis





Bridal Shower Wine Label - The Bridal Hankie

The Bridal Hankie


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Getting Ready

The Wedding Day


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Tea & Roses

Tea & Roses


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Butterflies & Lilac Garden

Butterfly & Lilac Garden


Bridal Shower Wine Label - Lavender Bear

Lavender Bear







Seasonal Wedding Wine Labels

Please click on image to see larger size.


Valentine's Day Wine Labels


Gold Heart

Gold Heart


Red Rose

Red Rose


Peach Rose Heart

Peach Rose Heart


Pink Hearts Valentine's Day Wine Label

Pink Hearts


Wedding Wine Label - Gold Entwined Hearts

Gold Entwined Hearts





Doves Holding Heart

Doves with Heart


Doves with Red Roses

Doves with Red Roses


Doves & Wedding Rings

Doves & Rings


Hearts & Pearls

Hearts & Pearls


Wedding Wine Label - Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate Hearts







Autumn Wine Labels


Wedding Wine Label - Autumn Leaves -1

Autumn Leaves- 1


Autumn Leaves - 2

Autumn Leaves - 2


Wedding Wine Label - Autumn Leaves - 3

Autumn Leaves - 3





Christmas Wine Labels


Wedding Wine Label - Poinsettia Border

Poinsettia Border


Wedding Wine Label - Poinsettia Bouquet

Poinsettia Bouquet


Wedding Wine Label - White Bells

White Bells


Wedding Wine Label - Snowflakes





Wedding Wine Label - Boughs of Holly

Boughs of Holly


Wedding Wine Label - Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells


Wedding Wine Label - Christmas Blessings

Christmas Blessings




Full-Size Wine & Champagne Label Specifications and Prices and Mini Wine Labels



Do you have questions, are having problems ordering, or need faster shipping or want something different from the labels you see here? 

Please email us at

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Specifications - About Our Full-Size Personalized Wine and Champagne Labels


We sell the wine labels only.  Wine labels measure 3.33" wide and 4" tall, and will fit and cover the label of standard 1.5 liter wine bottle as well as many smaller wine bottles, as shown at the top of this page.  We can also turn the measurements around at no extra charge; that is, we can create a label that measures 4" wide and 3.33" tall.  If your bottle is smaller or larger, or you're concerned that it won't fit, send us an email at the address below.   We can change the measurements--most often at no additional charge.  Please send special inquiries to


We will contact you via email within 8 hours of the time you placed your order to confirm it, and you will be sent an image or screen shot of your order for your approval.  You must approve the order before it is printed or shipped.  Please allow a maximum of 2 days to fill the order after your approval, plus shipping time from the Philadelphia area.  Available fonts are listed at the bottom of the page.


Secure online credit card processing.



Personalized Wedding Wine & Champagne Labels - Prices

Minimum Wine Bottle Labels:    

18 labels of one style - ordered in multiples of 6 each

18 - 41 labels of one style:   $1.00 each
42 - 119 labels of one style: 90 each
120 and above (one style):  85 >

Rush Service - Image, printing and shipping within 24 hours, priority mail shipping within the US - $9.75 per order.


Rush Service with Overnight Express Shipping - Within the US - $22.50 per order


U. S. shipping only


Please Note: 

Before anything is actually printed or shipped, you will be sent an image of your order by email for your approval. 

Once we receive your approval, we will print and ship your order immediately.












Font Colors


Black        Red        Dark Red        Hot Pink        Blue        Dark Blue


Green        Dark Green        Purple        Brown


White  (where applicable)         ont size="3"> Silver/Grey  (non-metallic)         Gold  (non-metallic)


(add 20 per label)        (add 20 per label)








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