Bridal Shower and Wedding Umbrellas



Our white umbrellas and white parasols may be used as fully functional umbrellas

at your wedding and decorated for a bridal or baby shower as well.



Which size umbrella will meet your needs?


All of our umbrellas are fully functional rain umbrellas and sunshades!



Our largest white umbrellas


60" white "golf" umbrella umbrella - will shelter the bride, her gown, and the groom against rain or sun.



48" white umbrellas are larger than the standard size, and wonderful for two bridesmaids in their gowns,

      as well as other members of the wedding party, and the parents of the couple..

      We offer 48" white umbrellas, either standard, with a self-fabric ruffle (same fabric as the umbrella), and with

      4" lace trim.


White Parasols


White Parasols, are wonderful for the bride and/or bridal party to carry as an accessory, and can also be used as a sunshade, but because of their shape, are not as efficient to keep the rain away.  Parasols are often more ornate than regular umbrellas, and have a longer handle.  We stock white parasols with either a standard white top or a lace top.


48" umbrellas are the "standard" size umbrella, most of us use everyday, and are great to use for parents and guests, and by your guests as a sunshade.  We offer 48" standard white umbrellas, as well as umbrellas with a ruffle and umbrellas with a 4" lace trim.


42" white folding umbrellas are ideal to hand out to guests at a garden wedding to use as sun shades, or in case of rainy weather.  They are also useful everyday as an instant sun shade for yourself and your friends!



Child Sized White Umbrellas


34" umbrellas work well if you want decorate an umbrella with ribbons and lace for showers, and as parasols for your bridesmaids.  We offer 34" white umbrellas in standard style, with a self-fabric ruffle, or with a 4" ruffled lace edge.  This size can be used as an adult sunshade, but is not as efficient at sheltering adults from the rain--it is a child's size umbrella--BUT it works well for adults when used indoors because of its smaller size--less chance of poking someone in the eye!




We also have completely decorated shower umbrellas by special order.

Please drop us a line at,

and we'll send you prices, information, and pictures.


Click on each photo to see a larger view

Illustration of organza ribbon used as a decoration on a shower umbrella Umbrella hand painted by Ann Cummings
Planning to decorate an umbrella?
Our organza ribbon is ideal!

Hint: You can hot glue organza ribbon--

we did this bow from start to finish

in less than 5 minutes!

This 60" white umbrella was hand-painted by Ann Cummings, as a wedding gift.  It matched the flowers in the bride's bouquet, as well as the color of the bridesmaid's dresses.  Ann was inspired by her friend's past rainy wedding day--no one had a umbrella!


She used Martha Stewart multi-surface acrylic paints. to create this wonderful gift, which the bridal couple very much appreciated


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60" White umbrella
Our largest White umbrella!

60" white


42" dome shaped parasol with
silver handle - white

42" white parasol


42" dome shaped parasol with lace top

42" White Lace Parasol





Below are White umbrellas slightly larger than regular size!


48" white umbrella




48" White Golf Sized push-button umbrella



48" white umbrella
with ruffle of the same fabric




48" white umbrella
with 4" lace edging



42" white umbrella with 4" lace edge



42" folding white umbrella with case--

slightly smaller



42" white folding umbrella





Please click on the pictures to see a larger view.


A wedding with Thinkwedding's lace umbrellas


Decorated umbrella example

At a recent wedding in Kentucky, our 34" umbrellas with 4" lace trim were given to the guests as favors to be used as sunshades. Their guests were especially grateful!  The bride would have ordered the 42" folding umbrella for her guests, but she especially wanted the lace trim. Rebecca Weider purchased a 48" white ruffled umbrella, and decorated the top with roses and pearls--well done, Rebecca!



Child Sized Umbrellas


These umbrellas are child sized and are wonderful as shower decorations,

for the "second line" at a Southern wedding reception, as a sunshade, and for a flower girl to carry.

These are especially suited to INDOOR use--easier to handle because they are smaller, and

there is less chance of poking someone in the eye, although they are also regular, working umbrellas.



34" child size umbrella




34" white umbrella without ruffle


34" umbrella with self-fabric ruffle



34" White umbrella with self-fabric ruffle


34" umbrella with 4" lace edging



34" white umbrella with 4" lace ruffle


20" white umbrella
for decorations

& centerpieces


20" white decorative umbrella








White Umbrellas & Parasols


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